Disneyland to relax restrictions on cast clothing and hairstyles ─ Gender representations and tattoos allowed

Wolt U.S.A.Disney・ The company has announced a policy to relax gender restrictions on Disneyland cast clothing and hairstyles... Josh D’Amaro, the representative of Disney Parks Experience Products, announced on the official Disney Parks blog.

Traditionally, casts working at Disneyland around the world have had strict grooming rules.For exampleTokyo Disney ResortIn this case as well, it is clearly stated that hair color and hairstyle, nails, earrings and piercings, beard and sideburns, glasses and contact lenses are specified according to the standard of “Disney look” (see here for details). On the page). This change will review this standard.

Damaro is Walt Disney’s words when Disneyland Resort opened in 1955.“Welcome to all who visit this happy place.”Quote,“Create a place where everyone is welcomed and take action for meaningful change.”I wrote. This is an effort aimed at making everyone feel the background, culture, and values ​​of Disney’s stories and experiences, and the value of working at Disney.

Currently, Disneyland around the world has a cast code of conduct called “The Four Keys”. These refer to the four items of “Safety,” “Courtesy,” “Show,” and “Efficiency,” which are shared worldwide. The website of Oriental Land Co., Ltd., which operates Tokyo Disney Resort, also states that “all cast members always judge and act based on this idea.”

This time, Mr. Damaro has set this code of conduct.“Inclusion (inclusive)”It is revealed that the “fifth key” will be added. In the future, these five keys will “engage and collaborate with guests, create the next generation of Disney products and experiences, and determine future business.” At the theme parks, attractions, shows and related programs will be renewed to make the content even more comprehensive. It is said that studies are underway so that various companies can be involved in logistics.

The relaxation of restrictions on the appearance of the cast is also based on this “Inclusion”.In the future, personal expressions related to gender such as clothes, hairstyles, nails, jewelry, and tattoos in visible places will be accepted... This change is “to make the work environment suitable for today, so that the cast can express each culture and individuality properly”, and the cast has a wide choice of expression methods “to provide the best service”. It reflects the idea that it will lead to. Although the specific details of the relaxation of restrictions have not been clarified, it is thought that a similar policy will be adopted at Disneyland around the world in light of the series of announcements.

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