“District 9” sequel movie started ─ Director Neil Blomkamp reports script writing

Popular, still boasting enthusiastic support even after more than 10 years of productionSFmovies“The 9th District”(2009) sequel movie“District 10 (Japanese title undecided, original title: District 10)”It turned out that the project of was started. Director Neil Blomkamp, ​​who worked on the previous work, revealed on Twitter.

Suddenly a refugee over South AfricaalienA spaceship with a car on it appeared … “District 9” is a documentary-style science fiction story about an “incident” triggered by a forced relocation policy by the supranational organization MNU, set in a slum-like area where aliens and humans live together.actionIt is. He was nominated for four categories such as Best Picture at the Academy Awards for his high sociality and commitment to portraying aliens as a minority metaphor.

Blomkamp is the scriptwriter of the previous work, the script of the sequel “District 10”.Terri Tatchell, Played the main character, Vikas, in the previous workSharlto CopleyI admit that I am writing with. The content of the story is unknown, but it seems that the “sequel” that Blomkamp has long suggested has finally begun to move.

Blomkamp, ​​who made his debut as a feature film director in “District 9”, later released “Elysium” (2013) and “Chappie” (2015). Attention was paid to his talent, and he participated in the new movies of the “Alien” and “Robocop” series, but unfortunately neither has been realized. In the latter half of the 2010s, short films and TV works continued, but in 2020, the paranormal horror “Demonic”, which will be a new movie after a long time, was shot in the midst of the corona disaster, and now it is a distribution right. It is said that sales have started. The science fiction movie “The Inferno” starring Taylor Kitsch is also coming up, but the shooting has been postponed due to the influence of Corona.

Source: Variety

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