“Don’t stop the camera! 』French remake official decision ─” Artist “director, released in Japan in 2022

The movie “” directed by Shinichiro Ueda, which caused a great sensation all over the world including Japan.Don’t stop the camera!(2018) has been officially announced to be remade in France.Shooting has started in the suburbs of Paris, France from April 19, 2021, and it will be released in Japan.2022I’m planning.

“Artist” (2011) “Goodbye Godard! 』(2017) etc.Michel HazanaviciusBy the director, In this work, which will be made into a movie with the international title “Final Cut”,zombieIt is said that the story of filming a movie facing an unexpected event and turning into a catastrophe is drawn. The only director (Romain Duris), who is dedicated to successfully shooting low-budget films, tries to inspire disgusted productions and actors who are indifferent to the film, but of the real zombies. Shooting is hindered by the arrival.

“Don’t stop the camera!” ]With no celebrity appearances, spoilers are strictly prohibited, but the novel and shocking content has been highly evaluated, and it is full every day. When word-of-mouth communication called for more topics, public theaters expanded one after another, and their nonstandard popularity was covered by various media. The work, which became a social phenomenon, eventually became an exceptional hit with more than 350 public halls, more than 2.2 million mobilization, and box office revenue exceeding 3.1 billion yen.

Its popularity has attracted worldwide attention, and it was released overseas under the English title “ONE CUT OF THE DEAD”. Among them, in France, when it was screened at “KINOTAYO Contemporary Japanese Film Festival”, it won the highest award, Soleil d’Or, which is decided by the audience vote. It was released in theaters from March 2019, and was engraved in the history of movies as a Japanese movie that attracted a great deal of attention with great acclaim.

Michel Hazanavicius, who will be the director this time, won five categories including the Academy Award for Best Picture and the Director’s Award for “Artist”, which directed, wrote and edited, and named it. He is a leading director in the movie world who has made it known all over the world. For the performers of the remake version,“The Beat That My Heart Skipper” (2005),“typist! (2012)In addition to Romain Duris, “The Search for the Voice of the Day” (2014) Berenice Bejo, “Goodbye Godard! Gregory Gadubois, “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” (2019) Luana Bajrami, “Bang Gang” (2015) Finnegan Oldfield, “REVENGE Revenge” (2017) Matilda Lutz and others. Michel Hazanavicius’ daughter, Simon Azanavicius, has also been decided to participate.

Don't stop the camera!

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