“Don’t stop the camera! 』To remake in France ─” Artist “director started shooting in Paris

“Artist” (2011) “Goodbye Godard! 』(2017) etc.Michel HazanaviciusSupervise the latest works『Final Cut (English title)Was started shooting in Paris, France.

According to Screen Daily in the UK, this work is“Don’t stop the camera! 』(2017) re-movieIt is said that. The movie directed by Shinichiro Ueda, which caused a great sensation all over the world including Japan, will be remade in France by the hands of a genius.

In the remake version,zombieIt is said that the story of filming a movie facing an unexpected event and turning into a catastrophe is drawn. The only director who devotes himself to successfully shooting such a low-budget film tries to inspire the disgusted production team and actors who are indifferent to the movie, but with the arrival of real zombies, the filming is done. It will be disturbed. I’m wondering if the original and familiar one-shot will be inherited in this work.

The main character’s director is “Spanish Apartment” (2002) “Typist! 』(2012) and other Romain Duris. Other performers include “The Search for the Voice of the Day” (2014) Berenice Bejo and “Goodbye Godard! Gregory Gadubois, “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” (2019) Luana Bajrami, “Bang Gang” (2015) Finnegan Oldfield, “REVENGE Revenge” (2017) Matilda Lutz and others. The participation of Michel Hazanavicius’ daughter, Simon Azanavicius, has also been revealed.

From Japan, ENBU Seminar, Heil Entertainment, and GAGA are participating as executive producers, and GAGA will be in charge of distribution in Japan. The release date is unknown.

Source: Screen Daily

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