Drama “Loki” first key visual release ─ Loki trapped in TVA, clock with multiple hands

Long-awaited fans,LokiSolo drama“Loki”More main visuals are released.

Marvel Cinematic UniverseThis is the third installment following “WandaVision”, which was a hot topic as a drama series released by (MCU), and “Falcon & Winter Soldier”, which will be distributed simultaneously in Japan and the United States on March 19, 2021. In “Loki” delivered on June 11, the fan’s favorite “God of mischief” is drawn.

Loki, who appeared as a villain of Iron Man in “Avengers” (2012), is the most betrayal prince in the universe who loves lies and mischief, who transforms into another person freely and manipulates the heart of a person with skillful speech. It has been loved from all over the world as an unhateable villain.

He used to deceive his brother-in-law, Saw, and aim for the throne, aiming to conquer the earth, but on the other hand, he made many mistakes and sometimes reminded him of the strong bond of his brothers. One side is also attracting fans.Playing attracted attention from all over the world as a result of the same roleTom Hiddleston

In the released key visual, Loki is wearing a restraint with “DANGER” written on his neck, and while being deprived of his freedom in a prison uniform, he has a suspicious smile on his face. In the shining clock behind it, the hands of multiple clocks appear to represent a turbulence in time.

Avengers / EndgameIn the past world visited by Iron Man, Loki disappeared with a four-dimensional cube that enables teleportation in space-time. In this work, the story of Loki after that is drawn, and as a result of running around space-time with a four-dimensional cube, the story begins when he is bound by the mysterious organization TVA and gets involved in a new battle. In this key visual, the figure of Loki trapped in the TVA is drawn, and it is a visual that greatly expands expectations for the story that unfolds from here.

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