Drama version “Cowboy Bebop” finally finished shooting ─ Reported by Faye Valentine

NetflixProduced by Hollywood drama series “Cowboy BebopIt turned out that the shooting of “” was finally finished.Playing the role of Faye Valentine of IkasamaDaniella PinedaHas reported on his Instagram.

Since the production of this work was announced in June 2017, shooting has been postponed repeatedly. Shooting had started around October 2019, but it was suspended shortly after John Cho, who plays the main character Spike Spiegel, was injured. After that, the situation remained uncertain due to the influence of the corona wreck, but it was resumed safely in September 2020. And this time, the long shooting over a year has finally come to an end.

The original anime “Cowboy Bebop” (1998-1999) depicts the activities of bounty hunters (cowboys) traveling on a spaceship in the 2071 solar system. The drama version consists of 10 episodes, and Sunrise, which worked on the original, and Tomorrow Studios, who also worked on the drama version of “ONE PIECE”, are involved.

Performers include Daniela Pineda and John Cho, as well as “Marvel’s Luke Cage” (2016-2018) Mustafa Shakir as his companion Jet Black, and “Suburbicon Masked City” (2017) Alex Hassell. Spike’s former ally and nemesis Vicious, “Gifted” (2017-2019) Elena Sachin is listed as Julia, who has a connection to Spike & Vicious.

In addition, “Mighty So Battle Royale” (2017) Rachel House will appear, and “Horse Soldier” (2018) Geoff Stults will play the role of security officer Chalmers, a former colleague of Jet Black, “LAW & ORDER: “Sexual Crime Special Investigation Team” (2000-2019) Tamara Tunie plays the role of jazz club owner Anna, Mason Alexander Park plays Anna’s right arm Glen, and Rachel House plays the criminal organization “White Tigers” Plays the role of Mao, who plays the role of Mao, and the role of Anne Truon & Hong Suan Shin & Lin.

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