Elizabeth Olsen’s role as Wanda, a Halloween costume faithful to the “WandaVision” comics

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama seriesWandavisionEpisode 6 “Halloween’s Creepy Night” is set on Halloween night as the title suggests.With Wanda MaximoffVisionAlso appears in a Halloween-like costume, but in reality, this look is exactly like the visuals of Wanda & Vision that appear in the comics.

At the US Vanity Fair, the role of WandaElizabeth OlsenHowever, he recalls this “homage to comics” as “it was a lot of fun.” Elizabeth even says she “fought” to achieve this disguise.

In the Halloween episode, we wanted to shape how we could respect our (our) characters.That’s right.The beginning is from ancient timesScarlet witchIt was a costume of. I have to put on a headband, it’s a bit like a gypsy. I fought for that, saying, “No, I have to do it thoroughly.” If Paul (Bettany) does it, I’ll do it too, because it will be the best result. “

Elizabeth realized it with such a commitment“I was really into that costume. It was really fun.”I’m talking. “I loved it, and I think it was the best way to look like that, because it’s not something that can be taken seriously (in live action).”

Source: Vanity Fair, ComicBook.com

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