Emma Stone’s “Cruella” theater release date is one day earlier, to be released on May 27 ─ Disney Plus from 28th

Emma StonePunk rock entertainment “101 Doggy” (1961), a live-action movie of the story behind the birth of Villain Cruella, starringCruella』Theatrical release date is one day earlier,May 27, 2021It was changed to.Delivery on Disney Plus Premier Access remains unchangedMay 28It will be more start.

The stage is London in the 1970s. A girl Estella (Emma Stone) who got off alone aiming for a designer while the punk movement was raging. Burning with ambition, she can’t waste even a second, overcoming the harsh days of trying to climb the stairs to become a designer, and continues to work hard. Although it was far from the appearance of “villain”, the encounter with charismatic fashion designer Baroness changed her destiny and turned into a crazy figure of “Cruella”. Why did she turn into a villain …?

In addition to Emma Stone, Emma Thompson of “Beauty and the Beast” (2017) is listed as a charismatic fashion designer Baroness. In addition, talented actors such as Mark Strong of the “Kingsman” series set aside, and Craig Gillespie of “I, Tonya’s biggest scandal in history” (2018) will be the director.

The movie “Cruella” will be released at the cinema on May 27th (Thursday) and May 28th (Friday), 2021 at Disney Plus Premier Access. * Additional payment is required for Premier Access.

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