Emotional footage including scenes from “Black Widow” new trailer and “Avengers”

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) The latest workBlack widow]A new trailer will be released worldwide at the same timeIt became. Past”the Avengers]For an emotional finish with the video of the work inserted. A must-see for MCU fans.

The release date of “Black Widow” has been changed to July 9, 2021 in Japan, and Disney Plus (Disney+) It has also been decided that it will be released at the same time with Premier Access.

The new announcement begins with a video of Black Widow, who made a shocking decision in the endgame, fighting with the Avengers, who he calls the “family.” A long time ago, before Black Widow became the Avengers, she was told about her childhood spent with a “fake family” created by Red Room, a spy agency raised as an assassin. The mysterious past of is revealed.

Black Widow’s childhood blue-haired girl is told that her self-proclaimed Captain America’s nemesis, “Father” Red Guardian / Alexei, will live powerfully, and Red Room’s genius scientist, “Mother.” The scenes of Melina escaping with Widow, and the spectacular past she has experienced, such as Widow being forcibly separated from her “sister” Elena by someone, are depicted one after another. What is the purpose of the spy agency “Red Room”? Who is the taskmaster, the ruler of the Red Room who pursues this “family”? And is Black Widow’s childhood “a lie”?

In addition, this video also includes the speedy, stylish, and inexhaustible action scenes that are characteristic of Black Widow as a new video. Not only the fierce car chase in the city, but also the aerial battle with the taskmaster is the highlight of this work, and the action of fighting while jumping from the exploding airplane literally breaks out in a 360-degree high-speed battle. The acrobatic battle scene is a must-see because it is Black Widow that does not have super power such as flight ability.

“Black Widow” will be released at the same time as the movie theater and Disney Plus Premier Access on July 9, 2021 (Friday).

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