[Evening]”Game of Thrones” Broadway stage / Reboot version “4400” with “ARROW” cast / Woody Harrelson’s “Man with Miraculous Fingers” movie

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It turns out that the popular drama “Game of Thrones” (2011-2019), which has become a social phenomenon worldwide, will be staged on Broadway. 16 years before the drama, the competition “The Great Tourney” held at Harren’s Great Castle reveals a very important scene in the history of Westeros. A familiar character will appear, and it will be “a story depicting the crisis of love and revenge, madness and prophecy”. The script is written by the original author George R. R. Martin and the up-and-coming playwright Duncan Macmillan. It is unclear about the continuation of the drama version cast. Directed by Dominic Cooke of “Follies”, which was also talked about at the National Theater Live. He is a talented person who is also active in the video field, such as “The Hollow Crown” and “The Courier” starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Producer is Simon Painter & Tim Lawson of the illusion show “The Illusionists” to be performed all over the world. Scheduled to premiere in 2023, it aims to perform in three cities: New York, England, London, and Australia.


Cast information on the reboot version of the popular overseas drama “4400 Survivors from the Unknown” (2004-2007). Joseph David-Jones, who played the role of DC “ARROW” Connor Hawke, has been appointed as the leader of the resurrected 4,400 people. He grew up in a wealthy and powerful church family and disappeared in the 1990s. In addition, an actress named Hira Johnson is cast in the role of a party girl in Miami who disappeared on her 21st birthday. Scheduled to be broadcast on the US CW station. Produced by Ariana Jackson from the popular drama “Riverdale” and Anna Flick from “Walker”.


Woody Harrelson, such as the “Zombieland” series and “Three Billboards” (2017), has been found to star in the film adaptation of Joseph Kessel’s novel “The Man with the Finger of a Miracle.” Felix Kersten is the psychological thriller set in World War II. Heinrich Himmler’s doctor and prisoner. The director is Oren Moverman, such as “The Messenger” (2009).

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