[Evening]Marvel “Secret Invasion” main villain role decided / “Sonic the Movie” sequel shooting start / Academy Award nomination “Father” next script completed

THE RIVEREvening editionIn the issue, we will deliver a summary of news and topics that we would like to pay attention to, although they were not mentioned in the article of the day. Click here for the topic of March 16, 2021!

Kingsley Ben in “One Night in Miami” (2020) in the drama “Secret Invasion” by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, co-starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn. = It turned out that Adil will appear. It is a work that depicts the internal conflict of Skrull people who have lived on the earth for many years pretending to be earthlings, and it is reported that Kingsley will be in charge of the main villain role.


Filming of the sequel to the live-action movie version of “Sonic the Hedgehog” by Hollywood of the popular Japanese game “Sonic” has officially started. Jeff Fowler, who will continue to direct the director, reported. Scheduled to be shot in Hawaii and Vancouver.

At the 2021 (93rd) Academy Awards, “Father” has been selected in six categories: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adaptation, Best Art, and Best Editing. The original of this work is the stage of the “Family” trilogy consisting of “The Father”, “The Mother” and “The Son”. Florian Zeller, who is also the director of the movie version, is about to finish writing the script for “The Son.” “What I really wanted to do was’The Son’,” said the director.

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