[Evening]New cast of “The Boys” spin-off / Co-starring Liam Neeson and Guy Pearce / Jacob Trenbray in “Devil’s Poisonous Monster”

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Reina Hardesty, a young actress from the popular Amazon original work “The Boys” (2019-) spin-off, “Greenhouse Academy” (2017-) “How to find the best friend” (2018), plays the role of a young superhero. It turned out to appear. The stage is a university run by “Vought”, which is the only university in the United States that accepts young soups (superheroes). It is said that the soups who are full of hormones and fighting spirit will be drawn, trying all the physical, sexual and ethical boundaries to win the best contract in the best city. In addition to Reina, the main cast includes Jazz Sinclair from “Sabrina: Dark Adventure” (2018-2020), “American Pai Ageage JK New Generation” (2020) Rize Broadway, and “The Last Shift”. (2020) Shane Paul Maggie, “Young & Hungry” (2014-2018) Amy Carrero, “Teenage Bounty Hunters” (2020-) Maddy Phillips will appear. The pilot version of the script, showrunner, and executive producer will be Craig Rosenberg, the producer and executive producer of “The Boys.”


It was revealed that “Iron Man 3” (2013) Guy Pearce and “007 Specter” (2015) Monica Bellucci will appear in the action thriller movie “Memory” starring Liam Neeson. The killer played by Liam is set to have careful and accurate skills. By refusing the request from the heinous criminal organization, he will be chased by the minions of the organization, and he will be chased by the FBI at the same time, and he will confront the pursuit by relying on his outstanding ability. The director is Martin Campbell of “007 / Casino Royale”.


Jacob Trenbray from “Room” (2015) and “Wonder Kimi wa Taiyo” (2017) will appear in the reboot movie of the cult horror “The Toxic Avenger Monster”. The role is unknown. Other appearances are “Game of Thrones” (2011-2019) Peter Dinklage. Directed by Macon Blair, such as “Green Room” (2015) and “I Don’t Feel at My Place in the World” (2017). Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, who were the scriptwriters and directors of the original version, will participate as executive producers.

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