[Evening]New podcast of “Lord of the Rings” graduates / Animation of “League of Legends” / Henry Golding, appearing in new Netflix

THE RIVEREvening editionIn the issue, we will deliver a summary of news and topics that we would like to pay attention to, although they were not mentioned in the article of the day. Click here for the topic of May 6, 2021!

Dominic Monaghan, who played Mary in the movie The Lord of the Rings series, and Billy Boyd, who played Pippin, will start a podcast. The program name is “The Friendship Onion”. From May 18, 2021 (local time), distribution will start on Spotify and YouTube. In the podcast, a wide range of topics will be talked about, from the trivia of “The Lord of the Rings”, memories at the time of shooting, the latest pop culture circumstances to the jokes of the two. In the teaser video released at the time of the announcement, you can see the appearance of Monahan and Boyd who have been aging since that time.

Source: Deadline

The world view of the hugely popular MOBA “League of Legends (LOL)” will be animated on Netflix. Planned and produced by the developer of “LOL”, “Riot Games”, this work “Arcane” is set in the rich city of Piltover and the oppressed underground world Zoun, and tells the story of the beginning of two league champions. , Draw the power that will tear them apart. Distribution started in the fall of 2021.

Alexander Skarsgård and Adrien Brody will appear in Season 3 of the drama “Succession”, also known as “King of Media”. Skarsgård plays the role of Lucas Matson, CEO of a successful tech company. Brody will be guest-starring as billionaire investor Josh Aaronson, and will face off over Wayster’s ownership.

Source: Variety, Deadline

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