[Evening]Tim Burton’s “The Addams Family” Netflix drama decision / “New infection” Hollywood version is under negotiation for director / Norman Reedus makes new drama

THE RIVEREvening editionIn the issue, we will deliver a summary of news and topics that we would like to pay attention to, although they were not mentioned in the article of the day. Click here for the topic on February 19, 2021!

It turns out that Tim Burton will be the director and executive producer of the Netflix original series “Wednesday,” which features Wednesday Addams, one of the characters in The Addams Family. The eight-episode live-action series depicts Wednesday as a student at the Nevermore Academy. Faced with complex relationships, Wednesday masters psychic abilities at the Nevermore Academy, thwarts a series of murders that terrorize local towns, and approaches a supernatural mystery that involved parents 25 years ago. To go. Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, such as “Smallville” (2001-2011), will be the showrunner and screenwriter.

Source: Collider , Netflix

As the director of the Hollywood version of the director Yeon Sang-ho’s “Train to Busan Final Express” (2016), “V / H / S Next Level” (2013), “KILLERS Killers” (2014), “Before Called by the Devil” Timo Tjahjanto, such as (2018), is under negotiation.This project will start around September 2018 in the “Saw” and “The Conjuring Universe” series.James WanIn progress under production. The script says, “When you see IT / it” it “, it’s over. (2016) and Gary Douberman such as “The Conjuring Doll of Annabel” (2015). The distribution right is over when you see the “Friday the 13th”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” series and “IT / It” It “” after a fierce battle. 』And has been acquired by the US New Line.


It turns out that Norman Reedus, such as The Walking Dead (2010), and his production company, bigbaldhead, are preparing a drama series, Neglected Murderesses, by AMC. The original work of this work, which is executive produced by Leaders, is a novel of the same name published by Edward Gorey in 1980. According to media reports, the film is a black comedy that tells the story of a fictional female serial murderer who uses a unique method to ward off victims.

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