Experience the world view with the introduction video of MCU’s first theme park “Avengers Campus” ─ To the US opening in June

MeterDisney・ New to California AdventureMarvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) First theme park “the Avengers・ Campus (Avengers Campus)Was found to open on June 4, 2021.. At the same time, an introductory video of each area with the motif of MCU works is also released.

“Avengers Campus” says “Spiderman“Web Slinger’s / A Spider-Man Adventure (original title)”, a restaurant with the motif of Dr. Pym’s laboratory of “Antman”, and a food cart where you can eat Shawarma. Initially, it was announced that it would open on July 18, 2020, but it was postponed due to the effects of the ongoing corona wreck.

The video shows the appearance of the campus along with the familiar Avengers theme song. In addition to “Spider-Man”, “Doctor Strange“And” which is operating a little earlierGuardians of the Galaxy]Attractions are also available. Also, Disney’s official Twitter account has clear photos of each area, so be sure to check it out.

Disney’s official blog, Disney Parks Blog, states, “Visitors team up with The Avengers and their peers.SuperheroYou can make your dreams come true. ” In January 2021, as Peter Parker / Spider-ManTom hollandHowever, a video of experiencing “Web Slinger’s / A Spider-Man Adventure” was released, but at that time Tom was pushing the drumstick as “the one that feels Spider-Man most”. The long-awaited world of MCUs is finally here in California.

Disney California Adventure Park was forced to close indefinitely due to the corona disaster, but will resume on April 30, 2021 local time. After the opening, the number of visitors will be limited, and only California residents will be allowed to enter the park.

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