“Face / Off” John Woo to make Stan Lee’s original comic into a movie ─ “Nishiyuki” is the original story

“Face / Off” (1997), “Red Cliff” series, etc.John WooBut,SuperheroIt turns out that I will be making a movie. The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The original work of this work, “Monkey Master (original title: Monkey Master)Is the lateStan LeeSharad DevalajanHowever, it is an unpublished comic series completed in 2016.Chinesenovel”It is said that this work is influenced by Sun Wukong, who is known as the main character of “Saiyuuki”.

The main character of the movie version is Li Young, an archaeologist in New York, USA. After discovering the ancient prophecy of Monkey King (Sun Wukong), he went to India. So the main character awakens the hidden power of becoming a superhero called Monkey Master.

Stan Lee said about the work when it was completed in 2016:

“I have always been fascinated by the philosophical, traditional and moral culture of China and India. I have always been fascinated by superheroes of different nationalities and regions around the world, as well as other planets. He has drawn countless heroes from the galaxy, but the Monkey Master is more unique. He is a modern hero with a mix of myths, and his martial arts and unstoppable supernatural powers attract spectators all over the world. Will be fascinated. “

The director and screenwriter of this film, which will be a Chinese movie, is unknown at this time. However, according to media reports, John Woo may be a director as well as a producer. In addition to Wu, producers include Devalajan, Gill Champion of POW! Entertainment, and Laurie Tilkin of “Red Cliff” (2008).

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