“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Anthony Mackie is often mistaken for Don Cheadle by fans

ActorAnthony MackieIn “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (2014)Marvel Cinematic UniverseJoined the ranks of (MCU). After that, the drama “Falcon & Winter SoldierUntilFalcon/ Although he has appeared in many works as the role of Sam Wilson, he is still sometimes mistaken for another actor.

The person who makes the mistake is War Machine / James Rodi Rose.Don CheadleThat’s right. “Movies With Ali PlumbWhen asked by fans how to talk to him on the roadside, McKee appeared in “”What’s interesting is that there are quite a few people who think it’s Don Cheadle and come to talk to me.I answered.

“I love you as a” Black Eyeman Man! ” “Um …” or “Isn’t it Iron Man?” When asked, “Um …”. Once a day, some people come to me and ask if they’re Don Cheadle. “

Cheadle first appeared on the MCU in “Iron Man 2” (2010). He participated four years earlier than McKee. Therefore, some people may be more impressed by Cheadle. In any case, in “Falcon & Winter Soldier”, McKee Fun Falcon is the main character. I would like to pray that this work will not be mistaken as an opportunity.In addition, Cheadle is about this matter.TwitterAt, “AlsoIt shows a reaction.

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