“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Anthony Mackie’s new Captain America appearance, applause at the shooting site ─ “The best moment” and director

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Drama “Falcon & Winter SoldierThe moment of the birth of a new hero has arrived. At the time of shooting at that moment, it seems that a moment of excitement was flowing at the scene, and the director Kari Skogland looks back on that time.

In this article, “Falcon& Winter Soldier ”Contains spoilers up to the final episode.

The theme of “Falcon & Winter Soldier” was the first generation played by Chris Evans.captain AmericaInheritance of the shield left by Steve Rogers. Steve handed me a shield directly in “Avengers: Endgame” (2019)Anthony MackieSam dresses as Sam, but in the film, he is depicted struggling to inherit the shield. Eventually, with the support of Bucky and others, Sam decided to become the new Captain America.

To become Captain America, Sam renewed his suit. Many fans should have been impressed by Sam’s cap appearance, which was unveiled for the first time in the final episode. However, it is said that it made the same feelings not only for the fans but also for the staff involved in the production.

It was Kari Skogland, who was the director, who revealed this. “As far as I can remember, it was very natural to see him wearing a suit and holding a shield,” said McKee, who played Sam in a new suit and appeared at the shooting site in Fandom. There is. It is said that the reaction at the site at that time was “Applause by everyoneIt was said. “It was a great time for everyone on the scene」。

According to Skogrand, it took “a few months” to design the new suit, and the production team was so diligent that they “searched for the best-looking material” in consideration of the balance with the camera and actors. That is. “All of this is the result of months of planning, imagination and production,” Skoglund said. Thanks to these efforts behind the scenes, Sam’s appearance scene, which became the new Captain America, symbolized the theme of the work.

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