“Falcon & Winter Soldier” arrives at the fastest overseas review, “Captain America / Winter Soldier” taste revival is thrilled

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama seriesFalcon & Winter SoldierPreview has started in the United States. Prior to the start of distribution on March 19, 2021, local journalists and critics are posting their impressions of the first episode on SNS one after another.

captain AmericaNot only fans of the series,MarvelHow will this work, which fans have been waiting for, inherit the baton of “WandaVision” (2021)? Check out the many comments that arrived from the field without spoilers.

Peter Siretta(/Film)

“The first episode of’Falcon & Winter Soldier’is like a large-scale Marvel movie, much larger than’WandaVision’ (not a criticism). The opening action is the MCU’s flashy action scene. It seems like (not the scale of the TV), and I think the story is clearly connected to the MCU. “

Jacob Hall(/Film)

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