“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Corona “Make it more important than the beginning” ─ Modernity and contemporaneousness that the production team talks about

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama seriesFalcon & Winter SoldierWas originally supposed to be the “first television work” to appear following the movie “Black Widow” in August 2020.HoweverImpact of COVID-19ByMarvel・ The studio is forced to review the schedule. As a result, the first television work became “WandaVision” and “FalconWinter SoldierWas released prior to “Black Widow”.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Corona hasn’t had a big impact on the overall picture of the MCU. That’s because each of the prepared works is relatively independent or connected to “Avengers: Endgame” (2019). The new works weren’t closely linked to each other, so I managed to get things done. But how did the Falcon & Winter Soldier production team perceive this turmoil?

After shooting this work at the end of October 2019, shooting was suspended in early March 2020 due to the influence of Corona. At the time, director Kari Skogland said, “Lockdown will end in a few weeks,” but the filming actually resumed in early September. It was a half-year break. However, the director admits that he hadn’t let go of the production during that period.

“I went into post production without a break after the filming was interrupted in Corona. I was able to continue editing and deepen my thoughts.As the world changed, we were able to focus more on ourselves.So when we got back to the scene, it was clear what we should do and what we should shoot to finish the series... Nothing has changed (in the pandemic) and I think it even helped us. “

As the word says, the shooting after the restart proceeded smoothly, and the production team will finish shooting the series in October the following year.

However, it wasn’t just the schedule that the corona wreck had an impact on. As the situation changes worldwide and people’s way of thinking changes, it is possible that they will no longer be able to accept the work as it was before.However, in the case of this work, the role of Winter Soldier / Bucky BarnesSebastian StanIs“I think what we were making became more important than it was at the beginning.”I’m talking.“In 2020, we are stepping into what we have experienced in every way.”

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