“Falcon & Winter Soldier” final trailer, Sam & Bucky confronts second-generation Captain America

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama seriesFalcon & Winter SoldierIs getting a lot of attention from the world, and only two episodes are left. This time, the final trailer that suggests future development while looking back on the past has been released.

This trailer iscaptain AmericaI let go while inheriting the shield that was the symbol ofFalcon/ The point is the contrast between Sam Wilson and John Walker, the “second generation Captain America”. Sam is asked by Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes, “Why did you let go of the shield?”, But in the video, “It’s our country. Even if you don’t have a shield, don’t hesitate to give yourself to anyone.” The figure to make is captured. You will feel a firm determination as a Falcon hero, not as Captain America, but as a Falcon hero who fights for justice without a shield.

John Walker, on the other hand, shows off his legitimacy as a hero by holding a shield, and at the same time struggles with the pressure. In the fourth episode currently being distributed, the development of the shock over the shield awaits, “MarvelSome even said, “The darkest development in history.” Can Falcon and Winter Soldier, who admonish “Don’t hurt anyone anymore,” and John Walker, who opposes them, fight together? What kind of offense and defense will they develop while the thoughts of each camp such as Helmut Zemo and Kali, the leader of Flag Smashers, are mixed? And who will inherit the will of Captain America?

“Falcon & Winter Soldier” was the most watched drama series in Disney Plus history on the first weekend of distribution, and recorded the number one viewing number in the first week in the world. Even in Japan, we have made a start to record the number of viewers (3 days) in the first week of history, which is No. 1 in all contents including movies. From all over the world, attention is being paid to what kind of development this work will show in the remaining two episodes, which attracts viewers with powerful action and a profound and thrilling story.

Disney Plus original drama series “Falcon & Winter Soldier” is now available.

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