“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Flag-Smasher leader, Star Wars “Han Solo” and Marvel W appearance “best mood”

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama “Falcon & Winter SoldierAs the leader of the mysterious armed group “Flag-Smasher”, Kali Mogensou, he successfully entered the MCU.Erin Kellyman

Such an up-and-coming actress is not only an MCU work, but also “Star Wars』I was also appearing in the series. An adventure movie about Han Solo’s unknown youth, “Han Solo / Star Wars Story』(2018). In the same work, Erin who appeared as a rebel, a thief who led Cloud Riders called Enfys Nest. In an interview with Comicbook.com, Erin shared her impressions of appearing in both the Star Wars series and the MCU work.

“Both feel similar. Both are one of the big series. It feels very weird and dreamy to be able to participate in these two works. I’m very lucky. I think it’s not real yet, but I don’t know when it will come to the fore, but it feels great. “

In “Falcon & Winter Soldier”, Kali Mogensou is currently appearing as a villain. However, according to Erin, she is by no means fighting Falcon / Sam Wilson or Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes for wrongdoing.

“Kari thinks that when more than half of the people disappeared from Earth, they felt like they were united, because they needed to get together, and because they experienced a lot of trauma. After that, I wanted to be a little more connected. There was more cohesion there. Maybe she’s trying to get it back. “

Disney Plus original drama series “Falcon & Winter Soldier” is being distributed.

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