“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Joaquin’s future and how ─ The actor who plays, “I will do 100%” for the replay

Until “Avengers: Endgame” (2019)Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) The story of Sam and Bucky has been drawn under the theme of inheritance from Captain America, which was played by Chris Evans in the work.Falcon & Winter Soldier“. In the story of all 6 episodes, new characters who will lead the next generation also appeared, and it was a conclusion that suggests their further success.

In this article, “Falcon& Winter Soldier ”includes spoilers up to the 6th episode.

Joaquin Torres, who first appeared in the first episode, is also one of the new characters. In the original comic, it is set to assume the second generation Falcon as a successor to Sam Wilson, the first Falcon who took the name of the second generation Captain America. In this series, although it did not come at the moment when Hoakin became the second generation Falcon, a depiction that seems to be a hint for that appeared. During the fifth episode, Sam left the broken Falcon wing unit to Hoakin.

In the following episode 6, no new developments regarding Hoakin are seen. However, Danny Ramirez, who played, seems to be willing to delve into the story of Hoakin in future MCUs.RiceComicBookMovieHe is motivated at the interview.

Ramirez was asked by an interviewer what kind of approach he took with “Falcon & Winter Soldier” to the character Hoakin Torres, which fans learned through the original comics. “I didn’t want to eliminate the difference between comics and MCUs,” he said. “(In the drama) I don’t know Joaquin’s origin story.”

Ramirez said, “I would have been happy if I had the opportunity to find out where he (Hoakin) came from and how he joined the Air Force.“Continue. Earlier, Malcolm Spellman, who wrote the script for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, said of Hoakin, “If there were 10 episodes, I could have made an important development for him.” Ramirez himself, “There is still much to discover in Hoakin’s past and future“There are various challenges and fun,” he said.

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