“Falcon & Winter Soldier” John Walker, the actor’s feelings

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Phase 4 new drama “Falcon & Winter Soldier]New characters with rich individuality will appear one after another. Among them, John Walker has been attracting attention as a controversial character since its first appearance.

Wyatt Russell, who plays the role of Walker in an interview with Variety, has revealed his feelings about the pros and cons of fans.

In this article, “Falcon &Winter Soldier”Spoilers are included.

John Walker played by Wyatt in “Avengers: Endgame” (2019)captain AmericaA person who was selected as the “second generation Captain America” ​​by the US government who lost. Walker, who served as an elite soldier, was bought for outstanding fighting ability and served the country as a new symbol of the United States.

There are pros and cons to Walker’s name as Captain America, and according to Variety interviewers, memes with processed Walker’s face have spread since the first episode. When asked, “What are your feelings about this?” Wyatt said, “I don’t have a social media (account),” but revealed that he had heard it as information.

My friends sent me some things that I didn’t want to see. The guy in “Upper Karl’s Flying House” (Grandfather Karl) wearing a helmet is the best... What’s going on? I think the person who made this deserves some award. I am honored. They just hate him (Walker). Yeah, that’s right. For a short time,MarvelIt’s an interesting experience to be hit and play a role. “

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