“Falcon & Winter Soldier” New Captain America Birth ─ Character Poster Released

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama “Falcon & Winter SoldierFinally reached its final round on April 23, 2021. While the excitement and excitement are still chilling,A character poster showing Sam’s new appearance has arrived.

In this article, “Falcon& Winter Soldier’s spoilers are included.

Set six months after “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), this work is Falcon / Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) And Winter Soldier /Bucky・ Burns (Sebastian Stan)But,captain AmericaIt is a story that depicts the appearance of running around the land and air to protect the world from evil, inheriting the will of.

“Falcon & Winter Soldier” will be released on the first weekend of distributionDisney+As the most watched drama series in history, it recorded the number of views in the first week of No. 1 in the world. Among all the works including movie works in Japan, it attracted a lot of attention such as recording the number of views on the first weekend of the history No. 1. And the climax of the excitement and excitement of the final episode, which was finally delivered last week, was praised one after another on SNS.

In the final episode, Flag Smashers, led by leader Kali, who plans to kidnap dignitaries from around the world gathered in New York, USA, has finally made a big move. In order to thwart the plot, Falcon / Sam Wilson will make his debut as “Captain America” ​​with a suit and shield, inheriting the shield. He fights the Flag Smashers fiercely with Winter Soldier, support Sharon, and John Walker, who has a grudge against his buddy.

After a fierce battle, they rescued dignitaries from each country and succeeded in stopping Kali. Captain America / Sam Wilson speaks for the suffering and sadness of the terrorists, who are also vulnerable because of the suffering of being a black man. He blamed dignitaries in major countries and asked them to listen to their suffering. Its appearance overlaps with the appearance of former Captain America / Steve Rogers, who has inspired and pushed many people so far, and Sam enthusiastically talks about showing the way the United States and the world should take as a symbol of justice. The words touched many viewers.

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