“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Sam & Bucky vs Walker, stunt making video of the confrontation scene is amazing

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama seriesFalcon & Winter SoldierThan,Falcon/ Sam Wilson &Winter SoldierBucky・ Burns and “2nd generationcaptain America“The making video of the confrontation scene of John Walker has been released.

This video is “Stunt Previs” posted on Instagram by Dave McCommer, who was the stunt coordinator of the series. This is a video that shows the completed image prior to shooting, in which a simple CG is synthesized with the edited rehearsal by the stunt team.

This video contains spoilers for “Falcon & Winter Soldier” episode 5 “Truth”.

At the end of episode 4, The Whole World Is Watching, Walker uses Captain America’s shield to kill a member of Flag-Smasher. At the opening of the fifth episode “Truth”, Walker confronts Sam & Bucky in a certain warehouse, and instead of handing over a shield stained with blood, he challenges them head-on with a body strengthened with superhuman serum as a weapon. It was.

McCommer has this scene“Cap vs Bucky & Falcon, also known as” Civil War 2.0 “”It is written. It seems that it took a long time to prepare because it is one of the best action scenes in this series. The caption says, “It took a lot of work and love over a period of time (as you can see from the hairstyle).”“I wanted to make it suitable for the preceding work.”Civil War / Captain AmericaThe small movie “created an incredibly high hurdle (my favorite movie and fight scene).”.. Please pay attention to its amazing quality and slight difference from the main story.

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