“Falcon & Winter Soldier” scene photo unveiled for the first time ─ Sam feels the “weight” of the shield given by Captain America

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)’s drama following “WandaVision”Falcon & Winter SoldierThe first scene photo was delivered.

Falcon/ Sam Wilsoncaptain AmericaFacing the shield that was more inherited. This shield is just a symbol of justice that fellow and comrade Steve Rogers has fought to protect the world. Sam holds the weight in both hands to bite it.

In the other image, with Falcon, who both looked in a new suit.Winter SoldierYou can see the two of them. The two, who had been close to Captain America until now, have lost a common friend and will be fighting together again.

This work isthe AvengersCaptain America, the hero who has been at the forefront of the world’s peace, has taken over his symbolic shield to the Falcon.Avengers / Endgame』A story directly connected to the last scene. In addition to Falcon / Sam Wilson, a flying warrior who makes full use of artificial wings who fought with Captain America as a member of The Avengers, he was once brainwashed and acted as an assassin, but he regained his original personality for many years. Winter Soldier, a super soldier who began to fight with his best friend Captain America /Bucky・ Burns becomes the main character of this work.

Falcon is entrusted with a shield that can be said to be his symbol in the world where Captain America, who is two comrades and a legendary hero, has left. He begins to worry that Captain America’s leadership and peace-keeping responsibilities cannot be taken on his own, but eventually he and the Winter Soldier are involved in a spectacular battle that shakes the world. ..

The director is the popular TV drama series “The Walking Dead” (2010-), which is still a hot topic in the world, and the drama series “House of Cards”, which has won numerous awards such as the Primetime Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award. Kari Skogland, who was the episode director of “The Walking Dead” (2013-2018).She has worked on thrilling and exciting worksMarvelExpectations are rising for the completely new world of MCUs created by entering the market, and the humorous and fast-paced exchanges between Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which were glimpsed in the trailer.

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