“Falcon & Winter Soldier” screenwriter inaugurated as “Captain America 4” denies involvement, saying “I don’t believe until I hear it directly”

April 23, 2021Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) Drama “Falcon & Winter SoldierAfter the final episode of “captain America]The production of the 4th series (title undecided) was reported. At this time, as a script, “FalconWinter SoldierIt was reported that Malcolm Spellman, who also served as executive producer and chief writer, will take office, but Spellman himself,Marvel・ He said he didn’t hear anything directly from the studio.

According to media reports, the fourth film was portrayed in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.”Anthony MackieIt is highly likely that the story of Sam Wilson, who plays the role, will continue. As if to support this, the inauguration of Spellman was announced. However, Spellman, who was interviewed by the US Comic book, denied involvement in the fourth work, saying, “Who said that? Kevin (Feige)?”I don’t believe anything until I hear him (Feige) directly“.

In the story, Anthony Mackie, who is expected to appear in the 4th movie of the “Captain America” ​​series, seems to have not heard of the project. At Entertainment Weekly, McKee said, “I knew it at a grocery store“. “A cashier man wearing a squid hat called Dwayne showed me his smartphone, “Ah, is this really?”So I answered, “I haven’t heard anything.”」。

“That’s what Marvel loves,” McKee continues. “Why don’t you come to LA? “I get a call because I want to tell you what’s going on,” reveals the practice at Marvel Studios, known for its secrecy. Spellman, who for the time being denied any involvement in the fourth film, said, “Now you know the production process of Marvel Studios.” “They want them to make the best,” “they make it first, and then consider whether it’s addictive to (MCU),” he said of Marvel Studios. Both seem to be confident that they haven’t been told directly by Marvel Studios.

By the way, the future of “Falcon & Winter Soldier”, which has finished the distribution of all 6 episodes, is uncertain. In mid-April 2021,BuckyOf the roleSebastian StanHowever, he revealed that there was no discussion about Season 2. On the other hand, it has been reported that the momentum for Season 2 production is increasing as this series is expected to be submitted to the Emmy Awards drama series category.

Source:Comicbook,Entertainment Weekly

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