“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Sebastian Stan wants to play Hawkeye

Sebastian StanFrom “Captain America: The First Avenger” (2011), the drama “Falcon &Winter SoldierUntil “Winter Soldier /Bucky・ I have played the role of Burns.

Bucky, who has supported Captain America’s best friend, enemy, and companion,Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) has a unique presence, and with Sebastian’s charm and good performance,MarvelIt continues to fascinate fans. Although it is such a very popular character, Sebastian is not the same characterHawkeye/ Clint BartonSeems to want to play.

At UNILAD, Sebastian said, “Other than MCUSuperheroWho would you choose to play?In response to the question “HawkeyeAnswered. The reason is not mentioned, but the fact that he answered immediately without hesitation suggests his favorite. It won’t happen because of the role Jeremy Renner has already played, but I’d like to see Sebastian save the world as a master of archery.

On the other hand, McKee, who also appeared on the same program, said, “My dream is to SebastianGambitI want you to play the role.I think it’s great as a gambit“. Gambit is a member of X-MENHe has the ability to put destructive energy (kinetic energy) into the object he holds in his hand, and is a character who fights by making full use of playing cards and stick art.In “Wolverine: X-MEN ZERO” (2009), Taylor Kitsch played.

Even after Sebastian replied Hawkeye, McKee said, “Gambit is a better character than HawkeyeI recommend it again. It seems that he wants Sebastian to play the same role.

Source: UNILAD

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