“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Sharon Carter actress, “John Wick” reminiscent of high-speed action was “fun”

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama seriesFalcon & Winter SoldierFormer SHIELD agentSharon CarterHas made its debut since “Civil War / Captain America” ​​(2016). Sharon, who has undergone a major change while disappearing for a while, shows a fierce action in the third episode “Power Broker”.

The script for episode 3 was written by screenwriter Derek Colstad, who made a break in the “John Wick” series. In “Falcon & Winter Soldier”, a high-speed fighting scene reminiscent of the same work also appeared. Emily VanCamp, who plays Sharon, tells her impressions of taking action on her own at Variety.

I read the script and thought it was a book that said, “Train me in fighting.”.. It’s like “I prepared a scene that is a little more difficult than before”. I got excited and training was much harder than ever. There was the best stunt team, they were treated very carefully and prepared well. “

At the time of filming “Falcon & Winter Soldier,” Emily was also involved in filming “The Resident Unconventional Genius Trainee” (2018-). Emily went to training as much as possible, sewing between busy schedules. There is a big difference in how Sharon fights now and when he was a SHIELD agent. What is unleashed from today’s Sharon is a street fight-style fight that is backed by advanced technology and does not even give a momentary gap.“I can see that he is a trained warrior despite his roughness and sharpness. It was fun to discover such a way of acting.”Is Emily’s story.

“Episode 3 has Sharon’s awesome fight scene. Now that she’s standing on her feet, it was really fun to play there. In other words, behind the weapons and superpowers. You can’t hide. You’re fighting hard. It’s really good to learn new skills and fight. “

The story of the series has come back with Sharon’s success, but what kind of action will be seen in the future? Derek, who wrote the script, said about the third episode, “I wrote a flashy action, so if I thought this would not be possible, (Marvel“Because it’s the best, I want you to make it more flashy.” To the last, Marvel Studios wanted a large-scale action.“I and Marvel both love the” corridor “scene, but there were too many corridors, so I was asked if I could explode. Of course, I answered.”.. The meaning will be fully understood by those who have already seen the main story.

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