“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Sharon Carter, now a fugitive ─ Change and maturity, why

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama seriesFalcon & Winter SoldierWill reappear a character that hasn’t appeared in the MCU work for a long time. “Captain America / Winter Soldier』(2014)『Civil War / Captain America(2016) played by Emily VanCampAgent 13/ Sharon CarterIs one of them.

The other day, as Winter Soldier / Bucky BarnesSebastian StanTo Emily“Thanks to Steve Rogers’ kissing scene (with Sharon), this drama is here. Thank you.”I was talking with a laugh. Certainly, the scene where Steve and Sharon’s kisses are seen from inside the car in “Civil War” is a famous scene that impressed the combination of Sam & Bucky. However, Sharon did not appear in subsequent MCU works.

Sharon, who appears in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” is no longer a former SHIELD agent. He became a fugitive because he helped Captain America in “Civil War,” and Emily says he’s on a “totally different path.” Malcolm Spellman, executive producer and screenwriter, described her changes on TV Line.

“If you’re a fan of’Civil War’, you’ll be able to fill that void with what Sharon had to do.This time Sharon is growing and clearly mature.. I think all the fans will love it too. Because she now has a completely different energy. “

However, that “maturity” may not just be due to age.At Polygon, US Spellman“Sharon faces his betrayal and abandonment.”He also said.“Since she disappeared in’Civil War’, she had to live on her own.”.. Emily and the production team had a lot of discussions to build this Sharon statue, and the set was actually filming various performances.

At the pre-delivery event, Emily“I’m really looking forward to seeing a slightly different Sharon. Where was she after the sacrifice, what is her new way of thinking? It’s interesting to play the character’s long journey.”Said. It’s been a while since he co-starred with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, but he seems to have felt a great response to the shooting. The comment, “It was a lot of fun. I’m glad to be back,” raises expectations for Sharon Carter’s fulfilling story.

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