“Falcon & Winter Soldier” The mysterious masked group “believes to be a hero” ─ Various evils born in the aftermath of Thanos, considered by the scriptwriter

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) new drama “Falcon & Winter SoldierIn, “Flag-SmashersA mask group called “” appears.Like their appearance, they act mysteriously with Sam as a villain.BuckyIt seems that they will stand in front of them, but the script Malcolm Spellman adds consideration to their existence.

In this article, “FalconWinter SoldierIncludes spoilers for the first episode.

In this series, which depicts the uneven combination of Sam and Bucky, a big movement can be seen in the story from the first episode. One of them is a large-scale bank robbery in which the group Flag Smashers suddenly appeared in the night city of Switzerland. When the mask is handed over to the crowd gathered there, a bell rings to inform the robbery. At the same time, the area was confused, while Smashers passed through duffel bags filled with large sums of money. Hoakin, a soldier of Sam’s colleague who was there, tried to seize a man in a mask, but he was injured because he could not reach his high fighting ability.

Many of these unidentified rogue groups are veiled, but the scriptwriter Spellman says that Flag Smashers “believe themselves as heroes.” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the reason why a group of wrongdoers is born by taking advantage of the situation where the aftermath of the turmoil brought about by Thanos, the strongest enemy of the “Avengers” series, is spreading.

“They are, in a sense, even heroes.” We can justify the purpose of our fight so much that we’re hitting a really good point, because they exist in a world very similar to the one we live in. That’s because Thanos has been defeated and half of the disappeared people are back. That will create a global crisis, as it is happening today (in the real world). I see.

Various enemies are born from such a crisis, and the heroes agree, responding to something that the citizens think, “It’s a difficult time now, maybe it’s not wrong.” is.. Thanks to this division, a lot of wonderful scenes are born. What if a hero and a villain are equated? That is. “

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