“Falcon & Winter Soldier” The remaining two episodes are “still half”-“Marvel is in an unprecedented territory”

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) drama “Falcon & Winter SoldierThere are only two episodes left, and the end is approaching (as of this article). However, the first to fourth episodes that we viewers saw are still only half of the story.

Set six months after “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), this work is Falcon / Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie)WhenWinter SoldierBucky・ Burns (Sebastian Stan) Is a 6-episode drama that inherits the will of Captain America and runs around the land and air to protect the world from evil. Now that there are only two episodes left, the story is definitely on the brink, but it seems that the excitement will reach its peak in the future.

Worked on the music for this work on the YouTube program “Flickering Myth”Henry JackmanIs “You may have already seen half of the show, but you haven’t seen the other half yet. “He says. It’s not just a storyactionIt is said that it is a mod. Jackman went on to say, “When I got to what was drawn in the final episode,MarvelWill step into an unprecedented territory. “

Earlier, showrunner Malcolm Spellman responded to the question, “What do you want everyone to see the most?” “It’s definitely episode 5. It’s going to be real anyway. If you see the story, you will cry. ” It seems that the remaining two episodes cannot be taken away even for a moment.

Disney Plus original drama series “Falcon & Winter Soldier” is now available.

Source:Flickering Myth

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