“Falcon & Winter Soldier” timeline, 6 months after “Avengers: Endgame” ─ Link to the real world, production team reveals intention

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) works “Avengers / Endgame(2019) The drama that depicts the world afterFalcon & Winter Soldier]A more specific era setting became clear. MCU’s strongest Willan,ThanosAt least “6 months later” after the battle withHowever, there seems to be a clear intention of the production team behind this setting.

Director Kari Skogland, who was interviewed by Collider in the US, said that the setting of half a year after “Endgame” was “absolutely important for the work.” “Everything in the story is familiar with the event.” The director’s “event” refers to the so-called second finger patching, in which half of the life lost by Thanos was returned by the Hulk / Bruce Banner finger patching. “We imagined that the return of people created a lot of joy. For humans (in the works), they have just overcome the shock and have just returned joy.”

This series has finished a fierce battle with ThanosFalcon/ With Sam WilsonWinter SoldierBucky・ Burnsthe AvengersRetired fromcaptain AmericaA story that protects the world by inheriting the will of. “We’re finally entering that complex reality,” says Sam and Bucky, who face a world of evil even after Thanos’ death. Then, what do the production team think about the changes in the world that occurred after finger patching? Skoglund explains as follows.

“Half of life has been erased, and economic and border conditions have changed completely. (Finger patching) Cooperation between countries that did not exist before has been carried out, and neighbors who did not have to get along with each other until now We work together. Some people have moved to new places, everything has changed, and now we are stepping into that moment. “

Although Sam and Bucky are expected to play an active role in the world, the screenwriter Malcolm Spellman, who attended the interview, admitted that the setting of the large-scale world view was inspired by the real world. There is. “It was also to create energy that feels modern and timely,” he said, adding that “finger patching is something that all fans can understand and feel that it has something to do with them.” I thought, “said Spellman. “Anyone living in this pandemic will understand how people in the MCU feel about the global problems that arise when half of the population returns.”

How will Sam and Bucky, who have to carry justice in the midst of these turmoil, overcome the difficulties? Helmut Zemo, who caused the Avengers division in “Civil War / Captain America” ​​(2016), will reappear as a villain, but the plan is still worrisome in an unstable world.

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