“Falcon & Winter Soldier” Will that Avengers member reappear? ─ Screenwriter mentions

Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) The second drama of Phase 4 “Falcon & Winter SoldierIn addition to the main characters Sam and Bucky, a member of the Avengers will appear. However, will the same person who appeared in a small scene reappear in the future? The scriptwriter Malcolm Spellman mentions this.

This article contains spoilers for “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

The members of The Avengers who appeared in this series made their first appearance on the MCU in “Iron Man 2” (2010).Don CheadleRodi / War Machine to playThat’s right. In the first episode, Sam, who plays Anthony Mackie, who was entrusted with the shield by Captain America, decided to donate it to the Aerospace Museum without inheriting the shield. Roadie, who was showing up at the press conference at that time, invites Sam to take a walk and talks about the changed world after Thanos’ finger snapping. After having a conversation for a while, Roadie is leaving.

The scriptwriter, Spellman, said in an interview with NME in the UK, “I can’t tell if Rodi will show up again“Silence. It may be an answer to prevent spoilers, but Spoiler reveals that the scene in which Rodi appeared was indispensable for the production. “The screenwriter team was mostly black, but everyone wanted to incorporate the scene.” Behind this seems to be the special feelings of black screenwriters, including Spellman.

“I knew there were some scenes where the fans would react.Especially for black peopleAnd it’s a clear scene that you can easily understand.We imagined Sam and Rodi often dealing with things like being parked, being followed by security when shopping, and so on.I thought they might have been calling each other in previous (MCU) movie series... What I felt when the two of us (Cheadle and McKee) played this was beyond imagination. “

In this series, you can often see the production that reflects the aspect of the real world in the story. In the second episode, there is a scene where Sam, who just talked to Bucky, is stopped by the police, which is exactly what Spellman said.

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