“Fast & Furious 9” Dom’s younger brother becomes “the biggest enemy in the history of the series” ─ John Cena who plays is announced

A popular car that has been loved for 20 yearsactionmovies”wild speedThe latest work in the series “Fast & Furious / Jet BreakIn 』, a surprising person stands in front of a family led by Dominic” Dom “Toretto. Dom’s younger brother Jacob, whose existence has not been revealed so far.

The trailer, which has already been released, gives a glimpse of the past ties to the Torret brothers, and Jacob seems to be burning an extraordinary revenge on his brother Dom. In addition, Jacob seems to be teaming up with the powerful enemy Cipher (Charlize Theron) who tried to divide the family in the previous work “Wild Speed ​​ICE BREAK” (2018).Play about JacobJohn CenaIs “Become the greatest enemy of Dom’s history“.

Starring & producingVin DieselSina, who was selected to play the role of Jacob by an offer from, said, “I definitely did not take responsibility for taking this opportunity.” He spoke at a press conference held in Tokyo. “I owe it to the family that laid the foundation for the global blockbuster and built the structure.” While showing such a humble attitude, Sina also talks about her determination as a villain.

I was given the surname “Tretto” and invited him to the 9th work to become Dom’s greatest enemy in history.Don’t forget this. I have to start from there. You have to start with respect. “

What should be noted is how Jacob hunts down Dom. It is only colluding with Cipher, and the plan is expected to be large-scale. On the other hand, Dom’s most private issue in the history of the series, “a feud with his younger brother,” is also a source of fire, so is he waiting for the final battle between Dom and Jacob?

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