“Fast & Furious 9” Japanese actress Anna Sawai, “I’m overwhelmed when I see it” ─ Michelle Rodriguez as Letty is a drummer

The world-famous “wild speed』Series latest workFast & Furious / Jet BreakNow, a new companion will join the family led by Dominic Toretto, also known as Dom.One of them is a Japanese actressAnna SawaiIs the character played by.In the released trailer, it’s sharpactionIt has been confirmed that he is doing this.

However, most of Sawai’s characters are currently a mystery. Meanwhile, Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty, is pushing Sawai’s success at a press conference held in conjunction with the latest trailer released on April 14, 2021 (local time).

Born in 1992, Anna Sawai from New Zealand is known as a former member of FAKY, a female dance and vocal group belonging to Avex Management. In the group, he called himself Anna. Hiroomi Tosaka (Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE) has a track record of acting as an opening act on a solo tour. He left the group in December 2018 to concentrate on the actress business.

Sawai will appear in “Jet Break” in July 2019. No information about the role is given, but the latest trailer defeats a strong man with a short stick in one hand, suggesting that he has overwhelming fighting ability.

Regarding such a Sawai character, Michelle said, “If you see Anna’s character, you’ll be overwhelmed.“Notice. However, Michelle wasn’t asked anything about Sawai’s character, but instead cited Sawai’s character as an example in the context of talking about the success of female characters in “Jet Break.” “She’ll make her (the other person) Kotenpan“I promise Sawai’s success again.

When it comes to Sawai’s characters, I’m worried about his relationship with Han, who is making a mysterious resurrection. That’s because he’s sitting next to Han at both the family dinner scene in the spot footage released in February 2021 and the family’s strategy meeting in the latest trailer. There is a possibility that the two are old friends, and it seems possible that they will meet and deepen their relationship with this work, but …?

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