“Father” Academy Awards Ceremony Absence Comments from Anthony Hopkins ─ Main video & scene photos

The movie “Award for Best Actor / Best Actor” at the 93rd Academy Awards CeremonyFatherWill be released in Japan from May 14, 2021.This time, the leading actor who was absent from the award ceremonyAnthony HopkinsComments from, main story video & new scene photos have arrived.

“Good morning. I’m in my hometown of Wales. I never thought I would win such an award at the age of 83. Thank you to the Academy. And the world too soon. Have leftChadwick BosemanDedicate this award to. Thank you very much. It was really unexpected. I am very honored and honored. “

“Father” is a movie adaptation of a masterpiece stage performed in more than 30 countries around the world. It is a work that depicts the loss and love of parents and children that everyone experiences with age from the perspective of a father whose memory and time are confused. While evoking various emotions such as the embarrassment of stepping into the labyrinth, the sadness of a beloved family forgetting themselves, and the humor that exudes from humanity, the audience is finally impressed. Take me to. It is a superb emotional movement that depicts the anxiety of aging and the affection of parents and children who cannot escape even if the relationship changes, which is not another person’s affairs for anyone.

Hopkins performed with a high voice as the culmination of the actor’s life engraved in the history of movies. The main video that keeps an eye on every move, such as eye movements, breathing, body movements, and vocalizations, has been released. Father Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) picks up at the front door when he learns that his daughter Ann (Olivia Colman) is returning home. However, there was Anne who looked different from what she thought. Anthony is confused. When Anne asks, “What happened?”, He argues, “What is this farce?” Ann, who doesn’t understand the situation, asks what she is doing, and asks, “Ann, where is Anne?”

Then he suddenly changed his mind, whether he understood the situation, gave up explaining it, or pride, and suddenly said, “Yes,” and changed the story to Anne with a smile, “What did you buy?” Who the hell is this woman? Is what Anthony says true? Is the reality we see true? It’s a scene where we, along with Anthony, experience the confusion of memory and time due to dementia, and the collapse of the boundary between reality and illusion.

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