François Ozon’s latest film “Summer of 85” to be released ─ Emotional teaser video has arrived

Became a regular at the world’s three major film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Venice, and are waiting for new films from all over the world.Francois Ozon.. It has been decided that the latest work “Summer of 85” directed by such a master will be released nationwide from August 20, 2021 (Friday) with the English title as it is. At the same time, nostalgic and emotional teaser images have arrived.

The original story of this film is Aidan Chambers’ novel “Dance at My Grave” (Tokuma Shoten), which Ozone himself met and was deeply influenced by when he was 17 years old. What is drawn is the first love and eternal farewell of the beautiful boys who had a fateful encounter. While projecting the emotions of a teenager who was impressed by the original novel, the boys’ unforgettable summer love story is vividly projected.The radical that Ozone has drawn so farloveThe depiction was sealed, and a refreshing and fresh romance movie was born.

This film, which depicts the beautiful and ephemeral summer moments of boys with nostalgic and colorful visual beauty and the music of the 1980s, as a universal form of adolescent first love, is a world-famous film festival. Received high praise. He was selected at the Cannes International Film Festival, won the Audience Award at the Rome International Film Festival, and was nominated for 12 categories such as the Work Award and the Director Award at the Cesar Awards, attracting many filmmakers and spectators.

In the video released, Alex (Felix Lefebvre)’s melancholy appearance reminds him of his first love with David (Banjaman Voisin) with a sad expression while listening to THE CURE “In Between Days”. There is. A happy moment that makes David feel that it was all this summer for Alex, a moment when he was crazy about jealousy that he couldn’t regret and hated him. The more you confirm the existence of his crazy love, the more unspeakable emotions overflow.

At the end, I close my eyes quietly so that I can push my feelings for him, and I feel that I gently engrave its existence in my heart. In addition, the film shot shows the existence of Alex and David so glossy that the body temperature is transmitted, and Alex’s uncontrollable urge for first love and David’s dizzying hot impression remain in his heart.

Alex, 16 years old, went offshore alone on a yacht to enjoy sailing. It was 18-year-old David who rescued him who was overthrown by a sudden storm. Futaru is rapidly attracted to each other, transcending friendship and eventually being connected by a romantic feeling. This was Alex’s first love. As they ponder each other deeply, David makes a vow that “if one of them dies first, the one left will dance on the tomb.” However, the days of falling in love with David’s accident suddenly come to an end. It was the vow that he made with David that night that motivated Alex, who was sad and desperate and lost hope of living.

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