Frank Grillo VS Mel Gibson, “Continue” Release Date & Trailer ─ Death Time Loop Action

Frank GrilloMel GibsonNaomi WattsGorgeous co-starringSFactionIt has been decided that the movie “Boss Level (original title)” will be released nationwide from June 4, 2021 as the Japanese title “Continue”. At the same time, poster visuals and trailers have arrived.

Roy, a former special forces member, is attacked and killed by a mysterious hitman from the moment he wakes up in the morning. Sometimes it’s shot with a gun, sometimes it’s blown away with a bomb. It can be decapitated or stabbed with a knife. However, no matter how many times he was killed, he revived and repeated the same day. While trying many times to get out of the time loop and making many mistakes, he gets a clue from his ex-wife, a scientist, about the secret plan “codename” Osiris “” that holds the key to the time loop.

In order to uncover the truth and save his ex-wife (Naomi Watts) who was chased, Roy went to the killer group himself to hunt down and hunt down, Colonel Venter (Mel Gibson), a civilian employee scientist who is in charge of the plan. Gibson) will find out where he is. Is it possible to get out of the time loop and reach tomorrow …?

In the trailer released this time, Roy, who repeats every day when he wakes up and is targeted by a killer, repeats the same day when he is killed many times, starting with a radical morning routine that defeats enemies one after another with familiar movements. However, it is depicted that the clearing conditions are unknown, and the truth behind the time loop is being grasped. Roy, who is sniped, blown up, and slaughtered by a group of unique hitmen, but steadily grows stronger every time he dies, and his ex-wife, Colonel Venter, who holds the key to the time loop, are shown in a disturbing spectacle. If you die flashy, it’s a game-like story that raises your level, and a trailer that raises expectations for spectacular action.

In the poster visual that was released at the same time, each character is drawn against the background of the catch phrase “Run the time of ∞” and the mysterious device that is the key to the story, and it is a futuristic feeling that SF development is also predicted. It is a visual.

Other performers include Michelle Yeoh, Ken Jeong, Annabelle Wallis, and Selina Lo. The director and co-writer is Joe Carnahan of “The A-Team THE MOVIE” (2010) and “THE GRAY Frozen Sun” (2012). In addition, Eddie Boley & Chris Boley were in charge of the joint script. In addition to Frank Grillo & Joe Carnahan, Randall Emmett of “The Irishman” (2019) and George Furla of “Lone Survivor” (2013) have been appointed.

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