“Game of Thrones” 10th Anniversary, 4K ULTRA HD Complete Series Released ─ Japanese Version Special Video

Gained worldwide popularityForeign dramaGame of ThronesHowever, it is the 10th anniversary since the first broadcast in the home country. In his home country, this anniversary year is called “The Iron Anniversary” and he has started a one-month project. The Japanese version of the new spot video released there has arrived.

Celebrate this in Japan, 4K ULTRA HD Complete Series to be released with new design.. This was released last year (2020) in a limited edition of 300 sets and was sold out immediately, and was realized in response to the enthusiastic request from fans seeking resale.

Furthermore, the official website of “HBO” has been renewed. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the start of “Game of Thrones” broadcasting, the company plans to add content such as GOT chronology, maps, and correlation charts, and update information on gift campaigns.

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