“Gentlemen” Hugh Grant main story video, “no problem” even if you inadvertently witness the scene of corpse transportation

Guy RitchieSupervise the latest works“The Gentlemen”The main video of the scene where Hugh Grant’s private detective Fletcher inadvertently witnesses the scene of corpse transportation has been released. Check out a little bit of a phantom performance by a man who was once called the “romantic comedy emperor.”

“No problem” (yes). Hugh Grant plays the role of Guess private detective Fletcher in this work. With the setting of being a big movie lover, he also plays the role of a storyteller who develops events that occur everywhere like a play within a play.

Fletcher, who came to extort Ray (Charlie Hunnam), the right arm of drug king Mickey, has a long story while getting drunk with alcohol and his own story. When he comes out of the toilet, he happens to be at the scene of transporting the corpse. Both the side carrying the unexpected event and the side present were settled, but when Rei asked “Is it a problem? Fletcher”, Fletcher said, “No problem, I forgot to wash my hands.”

An emergency has occurred in London. Rumors that American Mickey, who made a fortune in the mass cultivation and sale of cannabis for many years, sold his business and retired, shook the underworld. The total amount of interest is 50 billion yen. Jewish millionaires, gossip editor-in-chiefs, guess private detectives, Chinese & Russian mafia, and even downtown thugs will be competing in the battle for traces. Dirty and thrilling bargaining begins with the gentlemen who are not straightforward.

Guy Ritchie, who has returned to his hometown of London’s Climb World since Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000), exchanges elaborate plots and stylish lines. , Slow and fast and stylish production. The world box office exceeded 100 million dollars with the evaluation of “Guy Ritchie’s return to the origin” and “The triumphant return to the gangster comedy”.

Performers include Matthew McConaughey in “Interstellar” (2014), Charlie Hunnam in “King Arthur” (2017), Henry Golding in “Crazy Rich Asians” (2017), and “Downton” as Mickey. Michelle Dockery from Abbey (2010-2015), Colin Farrell from Dumbo (2019), and Hugh Grant from Codename UNCLE (2015) have come together. An exciting crime suspense with plenty of Easter eggs, which movie fans are paying attention to, is finally coming to Japan.

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