Gerard Butler Earth Collapse Disaster Disaster “Greenland” Trailer ─ Life or Death, Absolutely Desperate Spectacle Action

In the “End of White House” series and “Hunter Killer Dive” (2018)Gerard ButlerStarringactionmoviesGreenland-The last two days of the earth- “However, it will be released nationwide from June 4, 2021 (Friday).Prior to this, the state of the collapse of the earth was projected powerfully.Trailer and scene photos have arrived

A comet fragment that suddenly appeared became a meteorite and collided with the earth. The calm daily life was blown away in an instant. There are 48 hours left until the big cities of each country are destroyed and the world collapses due to another huge meteorite. As the time limit approaches, the evacuation of government-elected people begins, and John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), and his son, who are expected to be architects, Nathan (Roger Dale Floyd) also rushed to the transport plane for a shelter.

However, just before takeoff, Nathan’s chronic illness refused to accept him and his family was separated. Alison runs to rescue Nathan, who has been kidnapped and needs medical treatment while John desperately searches for his wife and children.PeoplepanicWhile struggling with the situation of falling into a lawless zone, the Garrity family looking for a way to survive eventually witnesses the good and evil of human beings …


The trailer released this time clearly depicts how the turmoil spreads into a world where peaceful everyday life has been completely transformed by the fall of meteorites. A presidential warning on TV that breaks through a group of friendly families. After the words “Please evacuate immediately”, a shock wave hits John and others. “Go to the shelter in Greenland.” John decides to escape, but he tries to evacuate with his family, but on the way, meteorite rain mercilessly falls on the ground. Is there a way to survive …?

Butler, who also works as a producer, tells about his ordinary father, John, who is everywhere, “He’s just a good architect, not a story of a hero blowing a comet.” “In the spectacle where everyone faces equal difficulties, the essence of human beings becomes clear, who is the hero and who is the coward.”

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