Gerard Butler Earth Collapse Disaster “Greenland” to be released ─ “End of States” director and re-tag

Re-tagging as early as “End of States” (2019)Gerard ButlerAnd the disaster movie “Greenland” directed by Ric Roman WaughGreenland ─ The last two days of the earth ─ ”will be released in Japan from June 4, 2020 (Friday)It was decided to be done.

A comet fragment that suddenly appeared became a meteorite and collided with the earth. Peaceful everyday life was blown away in an instant. John Garrity (Gerard Butler), who was expected to be a construction engineer, began to evacuate the people selected by the government as the big cities of each country were destroyed and the world collapsed due to another huge meteorite approaching 48 hours. And his wife, Allison (Morena Baccarin) and son Nathan (Roger Dale Floyd), also rushed to the transport plane for shelter.

However, just before takeoff, Nathan’s chronic illness refused to accept him and his family was separated. Alison runs to rescue Nathan, who has been kidnapped and needs medical treatment while John desperately searches for his wife and children.PeoplepanicThe Garrity family, who seeks a way to survive while struggling with the situation of falling into a lawless zone, soon witnesses the good and evil of human beings ….

This work depicts the 48 hours until the world collapses due to a comet that suddenly appeared, desperately searching for a way to survive without knowing the situation, from the perspective of a very ordinary family.With thorough reality and the latest VFX images, Real Disaster asks us the questions “What can we do then?” And “Who is the true hero?”actionThat’s right.

Starring Gerard Butler in the “End of White House” series, “Hunter Killer Dive”. In this work, which he also participated in as a producer, he is not the tough hero he has played so far, but an ordinary father who is everywhere.

In a desperate situation, Alison, a strong mother who protects her son, is “Deadpool” Morena Baccarin. The two beloved sons will be played by Roger Dale Floyd, who has a wealth of careers such as “Doctor Sleep” at the age of eight. In addition, famous actor Scott Glenn who has appeared in many masterpieces such as “Apocalypse Now” and “The Right Stuff” gathered.

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