“Ghostbusters / Afterlife” Mini Marshmallow Man Mass Outbreak ─ Paul Rudd is deceived by cuteness New video

Ghost BustersThe legitimate sequel to the series “Ghostbusters / Afterlife]A new video has arrived. The familiar character of the series, Marshmallow Man, has become extremely small in size and is occurring in large numbers.

The new video released is a scene from a supermarket.Play a school teacherPaul RuddHowever, it seems that he came to buy Baskin-Robbins (BR) ice cream. Rudd walks around the store, picking up other daily necessities, and finds a bag of marshmallows that move around. Then, a small marshmallow man crawls out of the bag.

Too cute, Rudd puts out his index finger and Mini Marshmallow Man bites Gabri. Immediately after that, a large number of mini marshmallows flock. Marshmallows can enjoy grilled marshmallows and chocolate marshmallows on the grill or burner, as much as they want. Rudd is just stunned by this sight.

In this work, Trevor and Phoebe’s brothers and sisters who have moved to a rural town approach the mystery of an abnormal phenomenon that occurs in the land, and at the same time, explore the identity of their grandfather.In addition to Rudd, as a new cast, he will play the roles of Trevor and Phoebe’s brothers and sisters in “Stranger Things Unknown World” (2016-).Finn WolfhardAnd McKenna Grace from “Annabelle Comes Home” (2019). Carrie Coon of “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018) plays the role of mother.

The original cast of the series is also back. Members of Ghostbusters, Dr. Ray Stantz, Dan Aykroyd, Winston Zeddemore, Ernie Hudson, Dr. Peter Wenkmann, Bill Murray, and Sigourney Weaver, Dana Barrett, have been revealed.

The movie “Ghostbusters / Afterlife” is a 2021 national road show.

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