Gina Carano dismisses “The Mandalorian” testifies that she refused to apologize for making Lucasfilm ─ Hasbro, US, suspends Chara Dune related products

Star Wars』Live-action drama”MandalorianOf the main castGina CaranoHowever, a week has passed since Lucasfilm was dismissed due to controversy over SNS posts based on specific political and values. Industry media giants The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline are updating new information on the Gina Carano dismissal turmoil.

In The Mandalorian, Gina Carano played the role of the mighty warrior character Dune of the former rebel army, one of the main casts. Familiar with “Star Wars” action figures, etc.Hasbro, a major US toy company, has no plans to manufacture character dune-related products in the future.To The Hollywood Reporter.

The media is planning a character dune as a voice from the people concernedNo plans to appear in the “Boba Fett” spin-offHowever,“For both story and product sales” will be recast in the futureI am telling you.On the other handLucasfilm officials do not anticipate recastIt seems that the information is confusing at this point, as some dissenting opinions have been reported.

Carrano himself announced that he would make his own new movie just two days after the announcement of Lucasfilm’s dismissal. This is a movie that will be released exclusively to members of the media site along with the conservative news media The Daily Wire, and Carrano “sends a message of hope directly to those who live in fear of cancellation by totalitarian mobs.” “We will not cancel us without our permission,” he insists. Ben Shapiro, founder and political commentator of The Daily Wire, also said, “Insulting the authoritarian Hollywood left.DisneyGina Carano, who has a great talent abandoned in Lucasfilm. “” I’ll show it to Hollywood, who keeps canceling just because they think differently. They make us an X-wing that shoots down the Death Star. They’re actually letting them go, “and they’re effectively rebelling against Disney and Lucasfilm.

Deadline, which shared the news exclusively, is conducting a new interview with Carrano.Carrano said that before the release of Season 2 of The Mandalorian, Carrano was allegedly insulting the trance community over SNS profile notation (around September 2020. See this article for details. )At that time, Lucasfilm created an apology and wanted Carrano to announce it.That is.

But Carrano refused this,“Make a statement in your own words”I offered. Carrano later tweeted, “I didn’t mean to ridicule the trance people.” “I wanted you to know that even hate can be received with a smile.” Carrano reiterated this time, “I just tried to draw attention to the attacks of the mobs who forced me to put a pronoun in the bio (SNS profile).”

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