“Godzilla” smartphone game, 3 consecutive releases in 2021 ─ “RUN GODZILLA” “GODZILLA DESTRUCTION” “GODZILLA BATTLE LINE”

Godzilla, Appears on the smartphone.Godzilla for smartphonesgame“RUN GODZILLA” “GODZILLA DESTRUCTION” “GODZILLA BATTLE LINE”It has been decided that these three works will be released worldwide in 2021. Key visuals & PV linked to 3 titles, key visuals & logos of each title have arrived.

The training and racing game “RUN GODZILLA” will be released worldwide from Thursday, March 25, 2021 (released in June in Japan). The action shooting “GODZILLA DESTRUCTION” is scheduled to be released worldwide in April, and the real-time strategy “GODZILLA BATTLE LINE” is scheduled to be released worldwide in May, and a pre-registration campaign will be held. Original content is being distributed on the official Twitter of each title. Please check the official website for details.

Run Godzilla! A loose and surrealistic Godzilla neglected training game.

This is an incremental game. Basically, Godzilla will become stronger just by leaving it alone. In the village, the sun rises and sets repeatedly. What I want to cherish is that both Godzilla and the villagers have a limited amount of time. Someday I have to say goodbye. Let’s raise Godzilla firmly so that the time may come. The raised Godzilla can be looked back on later. Please pass on the ability to the next generation and raise strong Godzilla.


Become the King of Destruction! Become Godzilla and land all over the world!
An exhilarating action game that destroys the city with easy operation!

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