“Godzilla vs. Kong” Chinese version poster captured at the moment of collision released ─ Screening starts 5 days earlier than the United States in China

GodzillaAnd King Kong fight for a centuryGodzilla vs KongThe Chinese version of the poster has been released.

There are two types of posters released this timeThe first one contains King Kong trying to stick out his fist in the raging sea and Godzilla trying to emit radiant heat rays. In the second piece, King Kong and Godzilla roar each other and capture the very moment when they are about to collide.

It is impressive that the battleships and helicopters on which the humans participating in the battle of the two big monsters boarded are completely toothless. The poster is finished in a meticulous and ferocious illustration style.

Also, if you check the notation of the release date written on the poster, it is stated that the release in China is March 26, 2021. This is five days earlier than the release in the home country of the United States, and attention is paid to the reaction in China, which will be released ahead of time. In Japan, it is scheduled to be released nationwide on May 14.

The stage of “Godzilla vs. Kong” is the previous work “Godzilla King of Monsters』(2019) 5 years later. A secret research institute, Monarch, has embarked on a plan to send monsters on the ground back to the underground cavity, and as part of this, attempts to transfer King Kong, which lives on Skull Island, to Antarctica. However, it is said that Godzilla will appear on that route.

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