“Godzilla vs. Kong” Corona is one of the biggest hits, overseas initial action exceeds “TENET Tennet”

GodzillaAnd King Kong, the decisive battle between the two big monsters has finally begun.moviesGodzilla vs KongHas been released in theaters all over the world except Japan and the United States, and has recorded the best box office record as a Hollywood movie of Corona. The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline and others have reported.

“GODZILLA Godzilla” series and “Kong: Skull Island Giant God(2017) crossover “Godzilla vs. Kong” will be unveiled in India, Hong Kong, etc. on March 24, 2021, Korea, Russia, Germany on the following 25th, China, Brazil, etc. on the 26th, etc. So far, it has been released in 38 markets around the world. According to media reportsThe overseas opening box office revenue of this work is expected to exceed 90 million dollars。『TENET TENET』(2020) surpasses $ 53 million, making it the best start for a corona-stricken studio movie.

Among them, China, which is a huge movie market alongside Hollywood, has recorded the best results.The March 26 release date alone earned $ 21.5 million, setting the best first-day record for a Corona-stricken Hollywood movie.The weekend box office is expected to reach $ 60 million, accounting for about two-thirds of the initial overseas results. Previous work “Godzilla King of MonstersWas $ 20.9 million on the first day and $ 70.6 million on the weekend box office, so the point is to compare it with this result.

Also surprising is that Godzilla vs. Kong was shown on 42,482 screens in China, accounting for 87.6% of ticket sales on March 26th. It started with the market almost monopolized, and the re-screening of “Yuyoshi, Lee Yi-ei (original title)” and “Avatar” (2009), which are also big hits locally, is said to be only 2.8%.

right now,Godzilla vs. Kong is projected to record $ 166 million in box office performance in China.. Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, movie theaters were closed for about six months from July 2020 in China. Although capacity restrictions continue, the local film industry is steadily approaching a resurgence.

The movie “Godzilla vs. Kong” will be released nationwide on May 14, 2021 (Friday). In the United States, theatrical release and distribution will start on March 31st (Friday).

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