“Godzilla vs. Kong” director commented on the Japanese version of the theme song of MAN WITH A MISSION “I am very impressed with the flow together”

moviesGodzilla vs KongThe Japanese version of the theme song is a new song by MAN WITH A MISSION「INTO THE DEEP」It was decided that

MAN WITH A MISSION consists of five ultimate life forms, a wolf in the head and a human in the body.Lockband.. “Godzilla vs. Kong” director Adam Wingard said of this appointment, “Since I was a kid, I dreamed that Godzilla and Kong would collide on a big screen. It’s like MAN WITH A MISSION has that dream and heart. It’s as if he wrote the perfect song for this movie. A stimulating song created by an epoch-making band like MAN WITH A MISSION will be played along with “Godzilla vs. Kong”. I am very impressed. “

Producer Alex Garcia also commented. “MAN WITH A MISSION wrote a song that perfectly captured the scale and nobility of the two big icons in the movie world that collide in” Godzilla vs. Kong “. It is suitable for dedicating to the legendary monsters. We are very honored to have made the song by such a respected band. “

Also released is a visual with MAN WITH A MISSION standing between Godzilla and Kong, the two major icons. Member Jean-Ken Johnny made the following comment in wolf language:

“Giant monster toy umonohadoshitekoumo heart wokusugurunodarouka. Overwhelming presence to fear and mysterious feelings. Godzilla to Konghamasani sono symbol deari, in charge of the theme song for this movie Saseteita Dakerutoiu story ga come tatokiniha real boy sanagara heart rushing rimashita. Wolf nanode childhood Tokasouinohanainodesuga … Sonna thing Hado demo good kute, Kotosara Godzilla ha self Nakano Shonen Ha Completely Dancing Mad Tanodes. GOD (God) ZILLA (Monster). Words Unareba God Beast Toka God Dragon Toka. Yabai Daro. Tactical Primitive Deprimal Na Impulse wo Scratch Standing Telto Simultaneous Ni Majestic Katsu Aggressive Na Music wo Born Mi Dessama Ni Kokoro Gake Masita. , Koreha Egui Gly Cool Izo “to self demo thinking tteshimattanoha secret death. By all means at the movie theater, the two big monsters will co-star in the movie theater. “

“Godzilla vs. Kong” was released on May 14, 2021.

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